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17 May1858
exact date of 17 of May 1858
day of the month 17 May 1858
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1858
month of Maydecade of the 1850s.
1800s century

To: John Gibson
Charlotte Street.

From: Allen J. Niven
Edinburgh Railway Station Access Company, North Saint David Street.


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John Gibson jr esq
Charlotte Street
Edinburgh Railway Station Access Coy
North St David Street


Property belonging to Coll Borthwick and others
Dear Sir
As arranged by you with Mr Forman I have today paid into the British Linen Companys Bank on a joint deposit in your name for behoof of your clients and in mine for behoof of this Company Pounds being the price agreed to be paid for the subjects recently acquired This sum is to be uplifted and paid over to you when the Disposition in favor of the Company is arranged & executed I annex a copy of the Receipt and I remain
Dear Sir
Faithfully yours
Alex Niven Secy


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British Linen Companys Office
Edinburgh May

Pounds init RC

Received from John Gilson junior esquire WS for behalf of Lieutenant cornol Borthwick and others and Alex ThosL Niven as Secretary and for behoof of the Edinburgh Railway Station Access Company One thousand six hundred and fifty pounds sterling which is this day placed to the credit of their deposit account with the British Linen Company

Signed Arch Nimmo p Manager

Entd pinit JM

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