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26 September1881
exact date of 26 of September 1881
day of the month 26 September 1881
calendar day - 09 of September year - 1881
month of Septemberdecade of the 1880s.
1800s century

To: Gibson and Strathern
12 Charlotte Street, Edinburgh.

From: William Ballingal Esquire


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Markinch th September

William Niel Ballingal Esquire

Dear Sir

The Members of the bowling club are anxious to get the Green widened so as they could play from all sides as using ends continually soon boxes them

Would you were the necessary funds raised be willing to grant the ground on the terms that they held the present ans also state if granted where to place the excavated soil or any other conditions you wish

Your obedient servants Pro the committee signed John Haxton & Thomas

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