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4 October1881
exact date of 04 of October 1881
day of the month 04 October 1881
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1881
month of Octoberdecade of the 1880s.
1800s century

To: Gibson and Strathern
12 Charlotte Street, Edinburgh.

From: Margaret Jordan
Brukall Cottage, New Lane, Perth.


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Brankhall Cottage New Lane Perth October th

Dear Mr Strathern
We know succeeded intially on Phil & Beady Montgomery grounds and the money has been paid in to the Royal Bank pounds I am anxious to inspect it at once a shall her

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if Green will has to good as do to as form as convenient from the New Zealand Government per cent bonds and alas south Africans are yielding per cent

I think as we have already pounds on deposit in the Bank of New

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from years dating from Bright punds in the sanctuary pounds in our pounds in the New Zealand which some great think best all the New Zealand Government bonds are not the same as the NZ Bank

I wish interest pounds as the balance of the New Zealand by

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sale I required from percent all

My row will learn this percent pupil ship Mrs Dagerfield at the nd arget he has heard of us good opening

Yours very truly

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Edinburgh South Charlotte Street February

The Commissioner for fixing the rate of interest on first class landed securities in Scotland have resolved that on such securities the rate for the half year commencing at Whitsunday next should be three and a half per cent

We beg therefore to intimate that the Interest payable on the undernoted Loan will be at the rate of per cent for the Half Year from Whitsunday to Martinmas and we shall be glad to hear not later than the th instant and you agree to the Loan being continued on the above terms

Yours faithfully

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

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