Information for Advertisers
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acceptable creatives

Every advertiser and creative has to be approved by us. Here is a short list of some of the material that we don't allow, this is by no means complete.

1.all forms of pornography
2.misleading adverts
3.adverts of companies of iffy products and services
4.flashing creatives
5.non-user initiated audio,
6.political issues likely to cause offence which substract from advertising potential

As we have chosen to focus on brand advertising as opposed to performance based, we are more strict on the type of creative and advertisers that we allow. This is in part to protect our reputation but also has the effect of increasing brand development potential of the site. You can be assured that we enforce a strict vetting process to all, unaffected by short term profits. The net result is that the brand of your company is displayed only with other quality brands.