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A voluntary survey is continually running on the site to get demographic information on our visitors. Some of this data may be old, for more up to date please request it from us.


In the last 4 months 318 filled in one of our forms. The questions asked were varied and not all visitors answered the same quesions. .

Click the pie chart to the right to see it more clearly. Of the 144 visitors who answered a gender question, 90 were female with only 54 male. No visitor refused to answer this question. Although women consistute only 47% of all internet visits to all sites, they are 63% of the visits to this site showing a clear female bias.

Quick Conclusion: Almost 2/3 are female.

Level of Education

We had 82 repsonces to a level of education question. No one refused to answer. It showed a spread of education levels but a slight increase in graduates. This question may of been poorly structured as the site attracts a large number of students who are currently engaged in some form of education.

Quick Conclusion: 83% have at least some college.

Income Level

83 resonded to a question on income. Very slight dual increase in both the upper and lower income levels with a slight decrease in the middle income bracket. Possibly upper income level visitor by large number of low paid students.

Quick Conclusion: Typical Website - No clear conclusion.

Time Spent on the Internet

We had 150 resonces to a question on how long our visitors spend on the internet. The result showed an even spread of times, typical of a norml website.

Quick Conclusion: Typical Website.

Further information will be added soon.