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The LETTER REPOSITORY is an archive of personal letters mostly written during the century and a half between the 1790s and the 1940s. This covers many interesting time periods including the Napoleonic wars, the American Civil War, the Great Depression, World War One and Two as well as many other world events. Mainly written in the English language, many of the letters contain themes of love and romance, religion, family, friends, legal and business matters.

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Each letter belongs to a lot, which are loose groupings of letters in the order that they were obtained. We did not try to sort the letters as to do so would destory some of their history. Nevertheless for a typical lot, most letters are to the same recipient(s) with multiple letters being from the same sender(s). Lots may contain anything from a single letter to several hundred and each letter may have many tens of pages plus attachments. Presently there are thirty-seven lots, which are listed below. If you'd rather browse by topic, see the drop down box in the top left corner. By date see the drop box below or you may choose any of the blue links scattered on this and other pages of the site.

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The Letter Repository was established only recently in January 2009 and we are still in the process of setting up many of its planned features. It grew out of the earlier 2005 service, the War Letters database which archived letters from various historical conflicts. However our remit was always as a historical, literary and genealogical resource and wished to digitalise the people's history and not just the military. So we are pleased and excited with our new home and hope you are too.

You can use the contact form to contact us. All constructive comments, suggestions, criticism are heard and welcomed.
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