Letter Transcription

We are a micro-sized company whose aim is not to make money, but instead preserve knowledge, to database perishable letters and to freely share history between people. By using some of your language skills and giving a little of your time, transcibing letters enjoyable way to make the world just a little bit richer for others. Thank you for helping!

un-transcribed - This is a list of the pages of each letter which are still-to-be transcribed, or have been flagged for some reason as needing extra attention in its transcription.

recent edits - Keep an eye on recent edits. Our database is regularly vandalised particular during the academic year, when we encourage high school students to use the site for their history projects and assignments.

Below are some links which may be relevant to you. Our aim is to help you, so please direct any questions or feedback you may have to the contact form below.

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